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The Board of Directors of ACC Hong Kong invites all ACC Hong Kong members to join any of the below operating or programming committees. Members are encouraged to contact the chair of a committee directly to get more details or to join.  As committees are at the heart of ACC Hong Kong, participating in a committee gives members an idea of how ACC Hong Kong operates, helps members get to know the Directors, and prepares interested members to become future Board members.

If you would like to get involved, please email the ACC Hong Kong Secretariat at info@hkcca.net with your name, contact details, committee of interest, and estimate of your time availability per month. Thank you for your support.

Alliance integration operating committee

HKCCA formed an alliance with ACC as of 1 September 2017, and this committee handles transition and integration issues.  It is the primary point of contact for various ACC representatives and evaluates which of ACC policies, procedures and programs to adopt or how to modify them for the Hong Kong chapter.  The committee will also be working the Constitution Review committee to ensure any proposed changes in HKCCA’s constitutive documents are consistent with ACC’s bylaws and chapter requirements.  The committee also reviews and approves communication from ACC to ACC HK’s members.

The committee meets on an ad hoc basis and mostly communicates through email.  

The committee presently comprises chair Sandra Wu (ACC HK President), Eddie Bao (ACC HK Treasurer), We welcome ACC Hong Kong member involvement in committee activities. The expected time commitment is approximately 2 to 4 hours per month, but may vary for certain projects. 

Finance operating committee

The chair of the committee is the ACC Hong Kong Treasurer, Eddie Bao, who works with the committee to maintain accurate records of receipts and disbursements as prescribed by ACC and prescribing those procedures to be followed by committees with respect to their finances. Monthly, the treasurer shall report on the state of the chapter's finances to the board, and annually the treasurer shall attend the required financial training held by ACC, submit the required annual financial report, submit the required annual budget. We welcome ACC Hong Kong member involvement in committee activities. The expected time commitment is approximately 4 to 6 hours per month, but may vary for certain projects. 

Industry focus group committees

The industry focus group committees are dedicated to delivering seminars and discussion forums on industry-related legal issues, and also networking opportunities, to in-house counsels working in the related industry, as well as in-house counsels serving other industries who are interested in specific industry issues. The industry focus group committees include:

Financial services industry focus group

The Financial Services Committee is made up of a group of senior legal practitioners drawn from (currently) investment banks and hedge funds.  Our aim is to create a stronger sense of community among in-house lawyers in the financial services industry, providing opportunities for professional development and networking, as well as being a source of relevant legal resources.  The Committee is chaired by Chi Wai and co-chair by Peter Meyer.

In the past, our events have mainly been dinner gatherings and round table discussions. We would very much welcome suggestions from you, the members, on what events would be most appealing to you. 

We would also love to have new volunteers join our Committee, especially from those areas of financial services not currently represented on the Committee, to help us improve our offering to members. The expected time commitment is only approximately 2-4 hours per month.

If you have any ideas for events or would like to know more about helping out with our Committee, please contact either of the chairs or the ACC Hong Kong Secretariat at info@hkcca.net.  

Innovation and Emerging Technology 

The Innovation and Emerging Technology subcommittee is designed to provide opportunities for ACC Hong Kong members working in the technology industry as well as those interested in learning about the legal issues associated with new and emerging technologies – including how tech can be used to enhance in-house legal teams.  The subcommittee will focus on highlighting emerging issues relevant to the industry, knowledge and best practice-sharing, and networking.  The subcommittee is led by, Eddie Bao, Andrew Levy and Vincent Ng (ACC Hong Kong Directors).  The expected time commitment is approximately 2 to 4 hours per month, but may vary for certain projects. 

Real estate industry focus group

The Real Estate Industry Focus Group is a forum for in-house counsel members working in the real estate industry to network, share information and exchange ideas that are pertinent to the development of the real estate industry in Hong Kong. The expected time commitment is approximately 2 to 4 hours per month

Pro bono legal services committee

The ACC Hong Kong Pro Bono Legal Services Committee was formed in 2018 with the goal of encouraging and assisting our members to provide pro bono legal services to needy institutions, individuals and not-for-profit enterprises. The Committee’s objectives are:

1.      To understand the status quo for in-house counsel to provide pro bono legal services in Hong Kong;

2.      To educate and facilitate our members’ participation in improving access to justice via production of guidance materials, resources, and delivery of educational seminars, with relevant information made available on the ACC HK website;

3.      To try to connect our members who are keen to provide pro bono legal services with those who have little or no means to afford legal services; and

4.      To serve as a voice for our members on policy and law reform issues that affect in-house counsels’ ability to provide pro bono legal services.

One of the Committee’s first major achievements has been the production of a Guide for In-House Counsel on Pro Bono Legal Services in Hong Kong, produced together with DLA Piper [Please click to the Resources section of our website]. Our Guide covers matters such as how to establish in-house pro bono programs, and the insurance and regulatory issues that are applicable to Hong Kong lawyers in providing pro bono legal services. The Committee also actively supported the 7th Asia Pro Bono Conference 2018, held in Hong Kong. This annual conference brings together practitioners, academics, students and other professionals from across the Asia Pacific region to discuss and learn about how to improve access to justice and to advance the pro bono movement. Both projects followed an inaugural ACC HK Pro Bono Legal Services Summit convened by the Committee, where we brought together key HK stakeholders in the pro bono space, including charities and not-for-profit organisations, law firms, the Hong Kong Law Society, Bar Association and our ACC HK pro bono leaders.

In 2019, we are hosting our second ACC Pro Bono Legal Services Summit, web-enabling our Guide, and organizing professional forums and social gatherings to allow members to build networks and collaborate on opportunities, so we can further the provision of pro bono services by in-house counsel with law firms and other stakeholders for the benefit of Hong Kong’s under-privileged communities.

Our Committee comprises co-chairs Sharyn Ch’ang (ACC HK Vice President) and Davyd Wong (ACC HK Director and Founder of the Hong Kong Centre for Pro Bono Service) and six ACC HK members. We welcome the participation of more ACC HK members in our Committee activities. The expected time commitment is approximately 5 to 8 hours per month, but will vary for certain projects and periods.

Seminars operating committee

The Seminars committee organises a comprehensive programme of seminars and other educational events with a variety topics of interest to ACC Hong Kong members. As well as the usual breakfast and lunch seminars, of which we try to run at least 3 per month on average, we also help to organise half-day events (which are an important source of sponsorship revenue) as well as other ad hoc events.

Organising these events is a team effort, and we are always in need of new volunteers to join and play an active role.

The seminars committee meets every two or three months by telephone conference call, where the committee discusses potential topics and hosts, and committee members volunteer to follow up possible proposed events.  We have a group email account to discuss issues arising between the calls.  Our Seminars committee members initiate the discussions with the hosts regarding topics and hosting, whereas the event logistics of scheduling and marketing are handled by the ACC Hong Kong administrator.

One of our members will normally attend the seminars to do the introduction on behalf of ACC Hong Kong.

ACC Hong Kong's success depends on having events which our members want to attend, so we are excited for members to join the Seminars team to help with this important activity. The chair of the committee is Andrew Olson (ACC Hong Kong Director). The expected time commitment is approximately 6 to 8 hours per month. 

Technology and innovation operating committee

The technology and innovation (formerly website) committee will focus on innovative ideas to revamp in-house legal teams, whether though technology, new management structure and/or physical set-up of the office (e.g. open-space, hotline desk, telephone booth, etc. concepts). It will also explore with various vendors and programs suppliers to see what are the latest programs out there which can increase efficiency and streamline workload of in-hose legal teams where resources are often very limited (e.g. program to have external counsel to input their costs and charges directly to the client’s system, documentation generating, etc.).

This committee is also responsible for the design and maintenance of the ACC Hong Kong website. The committee is lead by Erika Evasdottir (Chair) and Vincent Ng, both ACC Hong Kong Directors. The expected time commitment is approximately 2 to 4 hours per month, but may vary for certain projects. 

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